Hi. I'm Luke Murphey.

I'm a software engineer in web application development. I focus on developing technologies for to identify or prevent security problems. I am a co-founder of Converged Security (acquired by GlassHouse Technologies). I also manage a bunch of open source projects including:

I currently work for Splunk.

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Latest projects

  • Bing Search (10/15/2016 11:10 PM)

    A Splunk app that allows you to get results from the Bing search engine.

  • Splunk FTP Receiver (09/17/2016 06:16 AM)

    A Splunk app that accepts files over FTP so that they can indexed.

  • Splunk Webhooks Input (09/05/2016 05:51 AM)

    A Splunk app that allows you to accept webhook requests in Splunk. Splunk does have the HTTP event collector but the event collector is too restrictive for many types of webhooks. It requires:

    1. It requires the authentication information be in a particular header...
  • Disk Monitoring (08/16/2016 02:07 AM)

    This app provides a mechanism for monitoring the host for hard-drive failures using S.M.A.R.T technology (via https://sourceforge.net/projects/smartmontools/).

  • Insteon Control (12/19/2015 07:05 PM)

    A Splunk app that allows you to control Insteon devices from the search language.