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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
7ThreatFactor NSIAFeatureNewLowImproved URL View Design11/02/2010 01:09 PM
11ThreatFactor NSIABugNewNormalDefinition Category Names Too Long for Scan Result View11/02/2010 01:09 PM
12ThreatFactor NSIABugNewNormalErrors from Event Log Hooks After Upgrading07/23/2014 09:37 PM
14ThreatFactor NSIAFeatureNewLowCookie Support Check11/02/2010 01:09 PM
17ThreatFactor NSIAFeatureNewNormalEmail Action Improvements02/22/2011 03:24 AM
46ThreatFactor NSIABugNewNormalManual Site Scan11/02/2010 01:12 PM
47ThreatFactor NSIAFeatureNewLowGeneral Code Improvements11/02/2010 01:12 PM
52ThreatFactor NSIABugNewNormalBootstrap Executable for GUI Fails on Linux11/02/2010 01:17 PM
55ThreatFactor NSIABugNewNormalInstaller Does Not Start the NSIA Service11/02/2010 01:15 PM
59ThreatFactor NSIAFeatureNewNormalThreatPattern Extensions11/02/2010 01:14 PM
60ThreatFactor NSIABugNewNormalEventLog SQL Exceptions at Shutdown11/02/2010 01:14 PM
62ThreatFactor NSIAFeatureNewNormalParse CSS and JavaScript in Detection Engine11/02/2010 01:12 PM
63ThreatFactor NSIAFeatureNewHighAdd Ability to Ignore URL12/27/2010 08:31 PM
64ThreatFactor NSIAFeatureNewNormalDetect Incorrect Content-Type01/07/2011 07:17 AM
66ThreatFactor NSIAFeatureNewNormalGraph HTTP Seeking Rule Findings11/02/2010 01:18 PM
67ThreatFactor NSIABugNewNormalErrors When Scan Results are Saved11/02/2010 01:18 PM
72ThreatFactor NSIAFeatureNewNormalCreate Archive of Scanned Pages11/02/2010 01:18 PM
73ThreatFactor NSIAFeatureNewNormalDefinition File Loading of Custom Signatures11/02/2010 01:18 PM
74ThreatFactor NSIAFeatureNewNormalDatabase Backup Interface07/23/2014 09:37 PM
76ThreatFactor NSIAFeatureNewHighTransaction system (to allow logins before scanning)01/15/2011 09:25 AM
77ThreatFactor NSIAFeatureNewNormalSSL setup wizard11/02/2010 01:19 PM
78ThreatFactor NSIAFeatureNewNormalGZIP Compressed Resources Support11/02/2010 01:19 PM
79ThreatFactor NSIABugNewNormalHTTP Client Hides Some HTTP Errors11/02/2010 01:19 PM
81ThreatFactor NSIAFeatureNewNormalOptimize HTTP Client11/02/2010 01:20 PM
83ThreatFactor NSIABugNewLowWarn When No Resources Are Scanned11/02/2010 01:20 PM
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