What is this?

This is a Splunk app showing how to use a custom chunk of Javascript that allows users to put their own JavaScripting in dashboards.

How do I use this?

1. Download the app; you can get the bits from "here":(
2. Install the app using the configuration page within Splunk
3. Make a view and include a div with a class of "Javascript"; this code will be executed automatically when you open the view within this app.

How to add scripting to your view

You will need to make your view with a special div that will inlcude your Javascript. All you need to do is to make an html block that includes a div with a class of "javascript". The code within this div will be interpreted as Javascript and executed automatically.

The app includes a view titled "javascript_dashboard_example" that shows an example.

Here is the example:

      <label>Javascript on Dashboard Example</label>
                  Current time (being updated with Javascript):
                  <div style="margin-top:12px" id="time"></div>
                <div class="javascript">
                      $('#time').html(new Date());
                  }, 1000);

Notice the div with the class of "javascript". The app will run this code automatically, but only when you load the view within the javascript_on_dashboards app (i.e. viewing it in another app will not work).

javascript_on_dashboards.tar.gz (2.74 KB) Luke Murphey, 07/29/2015 10:41 PM