Library Purpose Version License Notes
chardet Character set detection 3.0.4 GPL or LGPL
manager icon Icon NA Creative Commons Removed in version 4
spinner icon Spinner Icon NA SpiffyGif License Added in version 4
manager icon Icon NA License: Free for commercial use Added in version 4
Selenium Web Browser Control API 3.4.1 ¹ Apache Software License
Gecko driver Selenium Firefox driver 0.26.0 (0.24.0 for Windows) ² Mozilla Public License 2.0 Added in version 4
PyVirtualDisplay Allow browsers to run in headless hosts 0.2.1 BSD Added in version 4.1
EasyProcess Requirement of PyVirtualDisplay 0.2.7 BSD Added in version 4.1
csselect Class for pattern matching HTML 1.0.1 BSD
mechanize Web-client that can process forms 0.4.3 BSD Added in version 4.4
html5lib Dependency of mechanize 1.0.1 MIT Added in version 4.4
six Dependency of mechanize 1.1.0 MIT Added in version 4.4
webencodings Dependency of mechanize 0.5.1 BSD Added in version 4.4

¹ Selenium 3.4.3 didn't work correctly with Firefox. See #1933 for details.
² Gecko-driver 0.25.0 and later requires users to install a redistributable.

See for the geckodriver/Firefox support matrix