Use HTML Form Authentication

Website Monitoring does not currently support HTML forms authentication (the type of authentication where you fill out an HTML form to get the website to let you in). However, you may be able to use the Website Inputs app instead since it does support form authentication. You could so this by:

  1. Installing Website Inputs (see
  2. Create an input against the website you want to monitor. I recommend using the wizard that is built into the app.
    1. When you get the step two of the wizard ("Enter Credentials"), make sure to set the authentication so that you can log in to the website.
    2. Leave the selector blank in step three ("Define CSS Selector")
  3. Create a search to analyze the output of the input you just created such that it alerts you accordingly. You will likely want to consider the following fields:
    1. content_md5
    2. content_sha224
    3. response_code
    4. response_size
    5. request_time

Once you get the input created, you could use a search like this:

source="web_input://my_input_with_forms_auth" | table _time content* response*