Wake-and-Run Overview

WakeAndRun is a small application that provides a GUI for starting hosts and running an application once the host comes online. The app uses wake-on-LAN technology to start the remote host and uses to ping to determine when the host is up. Once the host is confirmed as running, the command that is defined by the user is executed.

This is useful for starting a host that is typically asleep but needs to be used remotely. WakeAndRun can start the server, make sure it is running and then start remote access software (like RDP or VNC).

Application screenshot

You can download WakeAndRun from the files list.

How to Use Wake And Run

You'll need to specify arguments in order to define what host you want to wake-up and what you want the app to do once the host comes online. Below are the arguments allowed:

  • --gui: Starts the application graphical user interface
  • --wake: Indicates that the server must be sent a wake-on-LAN (WOL) request before trying to run the command (example: --wake "00:0D:87:39:91:A0")
  • --message: The message to display (example: --message "An remote desktop connection is being established")
  • --delay: The delay (in number of seconds) to wait for the device comes on line before aborting
  • --ipaddress: The IP address to ping in order to determine if the host has come online (example: --ipaddress
  • --command: The command to run once the host has come online (example: --command "mstsc /v:")
  • --title: The title of the dialog to be shown in the GUI (example: --title "Starting Server")

Below is an example that wakes up the host and start the RDP client (mstsc):

java -jar wakeandrun.jar --gui --wake "00:0D:87:39:91:A0" --message "An remote desktop connection to backup server is being established" --delay 10 --ipaddress --command "mstsc /v:" --title "Starting Backup Server" 

WakeAndRun_screenshot.png View - Application screenshot (17 KB) Luke Murphey, 11/15/2011 08:00 AM