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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
1069Dashboard TabsBugNewNormalPanels no longer executeLuke Murphey10/12/2015 09:48 PM
2565Disk MonitoringBugNewNormalFix tabsLuke Murphey01/01/2020 07:08 PM
2358Disk MonitoringTaskNewNormalUpdate smartmon toolsLuke Murphey01/02/2019 06:38 AM
2219Disk MonitoringBugNewNormalsmartmon_results.cmd ought to be in the script directory02/23/2018 08:17 PM
1838Disk MonitoringBugNewNormalSingle values on the disk details page are red when zeroLuke Murphey12/18/2017 07:04 AM
1734Disk MonitoringFeatureNewNormalCreate TALuke Murphey02/07/2017 06:37 PM
1647Disk MonitoringFeatureNewNormalDisplay date of last test on disk details pageLuke Murphey12/05/2016 11:10 PM
1549Disk MonitoringFeatureNewNormalHealth dashboardLuke Murphey10/29/2016 06:55 AM
1466Disk MonitoringBugNewNormal"Reported Uncorrectablle Errors" isn't a timechart on the Disk Details pageLuke Murphey09/09/2016 02:15 PM
1454Disk MonitoringFeatureNewNormalDropdown to select hosts08/29/2016 04:30 PM
1452Disk MonitoringFeatureNewNormalRender tests with alert if LBA errors are observedLuke Murphey10/18/2016 06:16 AM
1451Disk MonitoringFeatureNewNormalActivity pageLuke Murphey08/29/2016 04:43 PM
1450Disk MonitoringFeatureNewNormalRename "lifetime_hours" to make it more clearLuke Murphey08/27/2016 08:55 PM
1449Disk MonitoringFeatureNewNormalMake scripts run without SPLUNK_HOME if they can self-discover itLuke Murphey08/27/2016 08:43 PM
1448Disk MonitoringTaskNewNormalCreate search to show invocations of test attemptsLuke Murphey11/13/2016 08:59 PM
1444Disk MonitoringFeatureNewNormalParse SMART Selective self-test log data structure08/25/2016 07:49 PM
1443Disk MonitoringFeatureNewNormalParse SMART error logLuke Murphey08/25/2016 07:48 PM
1442Disk MonitoringFeatureNewNormalShow disk temperature with colors according to normal expected temperaturesLuke Murphey08/29/2016 05:07 AM
1441Disk MonitoringTaskNewNormalUpdate smartmon tools to 6.5.1.Luke Murphey10/18/2016 06:16 AM
1438Disk MonitoringFeatureNewNormalAdd description of SMART attributes to disk details pageLuke Murphey08/24/2016 03:07 PM
1437Disk MonitoringFeatureNewNormalShow date of last testLuke Murphey08/23/2016 06:51 AM
1424Disk MonitoringFeatureNewNormalNeed display of hard-drive previous failuresLuke Murphey08/23/2016 06:51 AM
2023Django MonitoringFeatureNewNormalAlert searches for Django errors08/26/2017 05:40 PM
1027Django MonitoringFeatureNewNormalCode profiling resourcesLuke Murphey07/09/2015 07:54 PM
663Django MonitoringSupportNewNormalCan not set sourcetype10/28/2013 04:47 PM
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