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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
2872Lookup EditorBugNewUrgentLookup Editor v3.4.6 Not Displaying LookupsLuke Murphey08/10/2021 02:21 PM
2871Lookup EditorBugNewHighIssue with Lookup editor AppLuke Murphey06/30/2021 03:10 PM
2870Lookup EditorBugNewNormalImport sometimes imports cells with numbers as "NaN" when the value starts with a number and includes a letterLuke Murphey04/29/2021 06:26 PM
2866TextCritical.netBugNewNormalbeta-code conversion is always uppercase when Greek characters are enteredLuke Murphey03/01/2022 04:53 PM
2861Lookup EditorBugNewNormalHigh memory usage importing a large lookup file12/03/2020 09:05 PM
2860Lookup EditorBugNewUrgentShowing error message after editing any lookup file in the app!Luke Murphey10/29/2020 02:49 PM
2854TextCritical.netBugNewNormalURL is not updated when the user loads a work with an old URLLuke Murphey03/01/2022 04:51 PM
2853TextCritical.netBugNewNormalURL is not correct when navigating to a verse via the reference jumpLuke Murphey03/01/2022 04:51 PM
2852TextCritical.netBugNewNormalReference jump value gets lost when clicking a verseLuke Murphey03/01/2022 04:51 PM
2850TextCritical.netBugNewNormalSearch page ought not to run search automatically (unless requested via state)Luke Murphey03/01/2022 04:51 PM
2847TextCritical.netBugNewNormalNew Testament has incorrect verse content (Acts 8:16)Luke Murphey03/29/2022 02:17 AM
2837Lookup EditorBugNewNormalMV fields don't work very wellLuke Murphey07/17/2020 02:40 PM
2803Lookup EditorBugNewNormalCells with really long strings in the data are not wrappedLuke Murphey07/17/2020 02:40 PM
2800File Meta-data MonitoringBugNewNormalREST endpoint chokes on some filesLuke Murphey06/26/2020 10:26 PM
2792Lookup EditorBugNewNormalImprove messaging for inadequate permissionsLuke Murphey07/17/2020 02:40 PM
2714TextCritical.netBugNewNormalNotes with encapsulated HTML don't render correctlyLuke Murphey07/08/2020 11:21 PM
2619Modular InputBugNewNormalUse exponential backoff for retries04/01/2020 05:22 PM
2618TextCritical.netBugNewNormalJude and Philemon list all chapters in progress barLuke Murphey05/04/2020 05:35 PM
2617Lookup EditorBugNewNormal404 when trying to create a new lookup04/03/2020 12:46 PM
2615Website MonitoringBugNewNormalMake password request more resilientLuke Murphey04/20/2020 10:07 PM
2613Webhooks InputBugNewNormalAdd support for secret tokenLuke Murphey03/10/2020 04:46 PM
2602TextCritical.netBugNewNormalLXX missing links to ASV02/15/2020 12:33 AM
2588Website MonitoringBugNewNormalappinspect failures01/16/2020 07:24 PM
2583Website MonitoringBugNewNormalAdd the ability to define the authentication typeLuke Murphey04/20/2020 10:07 PM
2565Disk MonitoringBugNewNormalFix tabsLuke Murphey01/01/2020 07:08 PM
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