Below is information on software that depends on:

Resource Purpose Version License
Twitter Bootstrap Responsive HTML framework (used only for the epub works) 2.3.1 APL v2
Django Web framework 1.5 MIT
CherryPy HTTP server 3.2.0 BSD
Grappelli Customized Django Admin 2.4.6 Custom
Whoosh Python-based search engine 2.7.2 BSD
python-epub-builder  ePub creation library   New BSD
Wand  image manipulation library   0.4.4 MIT
Heuristica  Font used on eBook covers  1.0.1 SIL Open Font
Wikipedia Library for looking up info on Wikipedia  1.4.0 MIT
Requests Dependency of Wikipedia  2.9.1 Apache 2
Beautiful Soup 4 Dependency of Wikipedia  4.4.1 MIT