Importing Works

Import Works

You will need to import the works into the library in order to have something for the site to provide access to. The easy way to do this is to use a prebuilt library. The more difficult way is to import the works yourself.

Using Existing Library

To use an existing library, copy the library.sqlite file to the server. By default, it should be placed in the src directory.

Importing Works from Perseus

The Perseus works can be obtained from Make sure to get the classics library. Decompress the archive.

Start the import process by running the following command, substituting "/Users/Luke/Perseus_Directory" with the location where you placed the files:

python batch_import_perseus -d "/Users/Luke/Perseus_Directory" 

The import process may take a while (it takes about 70 minutes on a Core i7 with 8 GB of RAM). Make sure to set DEBUG to False before running the import. Otherwise, memory consumption will grow until the import completes.

Linking Related Works

You can link works via the command "":

python autodiscover_related_works

You can also manually do this for a particular work from the admin UI.

Indexing Works

You'll need to index the works for the search engine to work properly.

After importing the works, run the following:

python make_search_indexes -c