Test Plan

  • Search works for all types of works (Perseus, Unbound, Berean)
  • Start page
    • Links to works correctly
  • Search page
    • Links back to the reading page
    • Charts appear
    • Results appear
    • Reading work page links to search page
  • Reading Work
    • Morphological analysis dialog works
    • Work can be downloaded
      • Are rendered ok in Epub and Mobi formats
    • Copyright statement appears
    • Work renames are correctly redirected (
    • Notes appear correctly
    • Parallel reading works
      • Loading a second work loads (when it is a related work)
      • The second work can be closed
      • The footnotes and the word dialogs work on both works
      • URL is in-sync with the reading pate:
        • The page is loaded (/work/berean-study-bible/Luke/2/12?parallel=new-testament)
        • A verse is clicked
        • The next/previous chapter buttons are clicked
        • Going back through the history (and second work is dropped when you go back to a URL where the second work is not included)
        • Parallel work is closed (URL argument is dropped)
        • A non-parallel work is chosen
          • Including when a non-parallel work is chosen and a parallel work is already open
  • Search indexes can be created for the work types
  • Command-line commands work