NSIA: Network System Integrity Analysis or "Website Intrusion Detection System"

NSIA is a system for detecting defacements, errors, information leaks and other types of security problems on websites and web applications.

Project Goals

The following are the three main goals of the project:

  1. Easy to install and setup: must be able to setup monitoring of a website in 10 minutes or less
  2. Easy to monitor: must be able to set a baseline so that only new issues are generate an alert in 5 clicks or less
  3. High quality findings: must detect a wide spectrum of issues including security incidents, vulnerabilities, errors and malicious content (e.g. racial aspersions)

Getting the Software

You can download NSIA from See the installation instructions once you download it.

Getting Started

See also the Quick start guide

Getting Support

If you need support you can:

Getting the Source Code

NSIA is an open source project hosted at Github.

NSIA is distributed under the Affero GNU Public License. See the Developer Guide to get started.