Why don't some views show up?

If some views are not listed on the configuration page, then use the following search to help determine why they are not supported:

| rest /services/data/ui/views  | eval sharing='eai:acl.sharing' | eval description="" | eval description=if(sharing=="app", "View is not shared properly", description) | eval description=if(isVisible=0,"View is set to invisible", description) | eval description=if(like('eai:data', "%type=\"redirect\"%"),"View is just a redirect", description)  | eval description=if(like('eai:data', "%pages/app.html%"),"View does not load Javascript", description) | table title description

Note: version 2.0 of the all should show all views since it now supports nearly all of them.

Does the app work on SHC?

It will work on SHC. The app consists almost entirely of JavaScript code that runs in the browser and thus is not impacted regarding whether the app is installed on SHC or not. It does store the shows in KV store (which ought to replicate).