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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
2535Lookup EditorTaskNewNormalResearch alteratives to handsontable12/06/2019 06:49 PM
2526Website MonitoringFeatureNewNormalOutput certificate informationLuke Murphey11/30/2019 07:24 PM
2508Website MonitoringTaskNewNormalPython 3 support11/11/2019 07:51 PM
2499Website MonitoringSupportNewNormalDisable proxy for individual inputs11/06/2019 10:34 PM
2492Website InputBugNewNormalGetting reports of changed results even though the results have not changedLuke Murphey11/14/2019 08:23 PM
2488Website InputBugNewNormalFailed to load the virtual display; the web-browser might not be able to run if this is a headless hostLuke Murphey11/14/2019 08:24 PM
2483Network ToolsBugNewNormalUnclosed socketsLuke Murphey10/23/2019 04:33 PM
2474File Meta-data MonitoringTaskNewNormalunit_test_6.3 and unit_test_6.210/22/2019 05:18 PM
2473File Meta-data MonitoringTaskNewNormalTests failing10/22/2019 05:14 PM
2462Website InputBugNewNormalGetting results saying that the results changed when they did not appear toLuke Murphey09/25/2019 09:16 PM
2461TextCritical.netFeatureNewNormalAdd Berean Study BibleLuke Murphey12/07/2019 06:54 AM
2460TextCritical.netBugNewNormalSCSS compiler no longer worksLuke Murphey10/26/2019 05:07 AM
2459TextCritical.netFeatureNewNormalImport several requested works (2)Luke Murphey09/21/2019 04:44 AM
2457TextCritical.netTaskNewNormalConsider using a zipapp to dpeloy the appLuke Murphey09/21/2019 04:35 AM
2453TextCritical.netBugNewNormalNoReverseMatch errorLuke Murphey09/21/2019 04:35 AM
2452SlideshowSupportNewUrgentDownloading the App09/05/2019 02:36 PM
2451Lookup EditorBugNewNormal404 is received when attempting to view a lookupLuke Murphey08/27/2019 05:40 PM
2450Syndication InputBugNewNormalCrash on failure to parse authentication requestLuke Murphey08/22/2019 05:24 PM
2443Network ToolsFeatureNewNormalAdd ability to remove hosts that are no longer monitoredLuke Murphey06/27/2019 04:35 AM
2440Website InputBugNewNormalFirefox doesn't work on Linux web-server but tests run successfullyLuke Murphey06/14/2019 09:15 PM
2436TextCritical.netTaskNewNormalStandardize editorsLuke Murphey09/21/2019 04:35 AM
2435TextCritical.netTaskNewNormalStandardize authorsLuke Murphey09/21/2019 04:35 AM
2434TextCritical.netTaskNewNormalUpdate the web-serverLuke Murphey09/21/2019 05:27 AM
2426TextCritical.netTaskNewNormalImport Sir Richard C. Jebb, The Attic OratorsLuke Murphey09/21/2019 05:44 AM
2422TextCritical.netTaskNewNormalImport Cassius Dio, Roman HistoryLuke Murphey09/21/2019 05:45 AM
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